Why did the chicken cross the road?

Using GPS technology and Geo-Fences, Display Tracks can tell you If he crossed the road and when or if he returned. We can set off Alarms,and send you an email every-time he crosses the boundary you set. You will also be notified if he is TEXTing or TALKing while moving. We actually don’t know why he crossed the road.

This Geo Fence capability can be helpful to you for your mobile field service technicians by setting a Geo Fence around your warehouse that detects if they are having to return to the work center for a tool or part that should have been with them when they arrived at your customer’s location. If your employee ‘reports to’ a job site without coming to your work center you will know when they enter or leave thoughout the day.

Might also be handy to set a Geo Fence around your child’s school.

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That is what you will find here. I will post on a variety of topics that range all the way from Safe Driving tips including how to stop TEXTing and TALKing while driving to detecting, alarming and reporting excessive speeding.
I will also share my thoughts and experience with managing a business and Human Resources (the wrong way to think of your employees).

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