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If your mobile computer service company does house calls, it is important to have your technicians working and moving about efficiently. Finding houses in large communities can often be a tough task. The Display Tracks web application allows you to first search for a specific address or place, and then with just a few clicks, send that location to an employees phone. Then your employee can easily open that location on their phone, and receive turn-by-turn voice navigation, defeating that labyrinth of a neighborhood.

As a manager, you can see where any of your company vehicles are at any given time. If a technician is at a client’s house and have a question about anything involving tier 2 support that someone at the office may know, that technician can easily take a photo that is immediately uploaded and available for anyone currently logged into the web application. The two-way messaging application can also be used for giving step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish any task

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